Markets Utilizing Our Services

Performance Presence.
Revenue Generation.

Hospitals and other medical verticals benefit from CBOSS' payment services. Your invoicing process can be more secure. Call us to learn more. Government and municipals work with CBOSS to achieve various secure processing solutions.
We assist both small and large businesses. From web site design to security and credit card processing.

We employ some of the of the industry's best web applications, technologies, tools and software methodologies to deliver high performance solutions that help propel our customers' business forward. At CBOSS, we believe it's critical to have an ongoing dialogue with customers and seek to learn more - we ask the tough questions about our customers' business in order to best define a solution that addresses their needs or solves their problems.

It's become general knowledge that the ROI and value of your organization's web site increases proportionately to the degree to which it is designed to convert leads to sales, share valuable information and engage interactively with important stakeholder groups.

CBOSS' intimate understanding of this helps us deliver the kind of web solutions that enhance the power of an organization's web presence and the end-user experience. We call that "performance presence" and that often translates to revenue generation. The kinds of Web Solutions in which we specialize include:

Backed by a set of hosting and managed services, our solutions can address the most complex business requirements for operational efficiency and revenue growth.